chapter  8
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The President and Popular Media

ByStephen E. Frantzich

Television serves as a primary source of both news and entertainment for most Americans. Presidents serve as interesting subjects for entertainment programs, and they attempt to use entertainment television to espouse their own message. The president-as-hero creates a "superman" image that no real-world president can live up to. Venturing into the entertainment venues also seems to have opened the door to allowing the treatment of the president in humorous ways. President Trump has not shown the desire to use entertainment venues as president. It is one thing to humorously report stories or tell jokes about the president, and another to present a caricature of the president in intentionally funny sketches. Popular media such as movies, television, and editorial cartoons often focus on the president. The amalgam of news stories and popular media helps create conventional wisdom that eventually emerges as undeniable truth.