chapter  10
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Oscilloscopes: Three Roads to Market

WithChristopher Layton

During the Second World War the oscilloscope began to be used widely as an analytical electronic instrument. Being users of the instruments they thought they knew what technical standard was required and what price the market would pay for them. Telequipment is almost a classic case of the use of small-business techniques in building up a successful company. Basically it is a single-product organization. By 1964 Hewlett-Packard (HP) had become a serious competitor in the oscilloscope market, even though Tektronix was so well established that it was very hard to get into the market. HP went about the business of developing oscilloscopes in a classically systematic way. It is a very successful example of the engineer-led, technology-orientated, fast-growing company. The main mistake which G. & E. Bradley made in entering the oscilloscope market was to try and do so with a licence alone. In 1966 Tektronix took over Telequipment and its products now slot into the Tektronix range.