chapter  4
43 Pages

Monitoring Performance

ByMary E. Kentula, Robert P. Brooks, Stephanie E. Gwin, Cindy C. Holland, Arthur D. Sherman, Jean C. Sifneos, Mary E. Kentula

In this chapter the authors describe some general procedures for performing assessments at three levels of effort. The three assessment levels are: documentation of as-built conditions, routine assessments, and comprehensive assessments. As-built assessments of projects or initial assessments of natural wetlands provide baseline information from which site development and functional performance can be evaluated over time. More important, while helping collect specific data for a research project, volunteers begin to understand research goals and gain insight into the biological processes that occur in both created and natural wetlands. Both initial and closing interviews are an integral part of evaluating use of local volunteers in data collection. By the close of the project, these volunteers were also concerned that without ongoing monitoring, local wetland mitigation projects would not meet the public need for protecting wetland values. A major limitation for including detailed on-site environmental monitoring in mitigation plans is the cost of professional services for collecting field data.