chapter  8
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Misscellaneous Tips and Tricks

WithRonald G. Albright

Every telex machine hooked into the system must have an "address," which is no different in concept than the address for which people receive paper or E-mail. Since some of the machines do use the common phone lines, the messages people send must be modified extensively before they can be successfully carried from telex to telex. There are a new set of rules when people use E-mail systems to send to telex machines. While several of the E-mail networks will automatically translate mixed upper- and lowercase messages to all capital letters, and some even translate or remove the taboo punctuation marks, people still need to check. If people set up a central, private system, no accounts or fees need to be managed. Running a centralized electronic post office can simplify account management and cost containment. Bulletin board systems (BBSs) users can get the same high-quality, personal advice and assistance they can find in a users group.