chapter  9
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What the Future Holds

WithRonald G. Albright

The "three C's" of modern business are complexity, competition, and change. These characteristics pervade electronic communications just as they do our personal lives and business lives. The future of computer communications, at least computer communications for a truly mass audience, lies in the television set and ISDN, or the Integrated Services Digital Network. According to Cathryn Conroy, reporting for Online Today, an electronic news service available on CompuServe, awareness of and preparation for the future of the telecommuncations industry is happening even at the White House. The President's Council on Management Improvement has provided its projections on the economy, society, and the federal work force of the future. Electronic data interchange (EDI) can speed up many business functions while cutting costs in a number of areas. By setting the goal of when to implement EDI, people are acknowledging that almost every company will use EDI at some point in the future.