chapter  4
Environmental Impact Studies for Dredging Projects
WithLarry Canter
Pages 14

This chapter provides a summary of key technical references useful in environmental impact studies on dredging projects. The impacts of dredging projects are influenced by the type of dredging, and they can be considered in terms of impacts in the dredged area and resulting from either open water on land disposal of dredged material. R. M. Engler summarized some of the key impacts associated with open water disposal of dredged material. Information on the anticipated impacts of dredging projects can be used to delineate which environmental factors should be addressed as part of the baseline conditions description. Examples of prediction approaches which could be used include: a qualitative approach which relies on general knowledge of the impacts of similar projects, or specific results of comprehensive studies of similar projects. They also include a quantitative approach using mathematical models and a quantitative/qualitative approach based on laboratory and/or field studies.