chapter  20

intraNetWare Overview

WithJames E. Gaskin

IntraNetWare finishes the integration of NetWare with Internet protocols, applications, and technologies. IntraNetWare is the current pinnacle of LAN technology, and the beginning of Novell’s assimilation of all things Internet. TCP/Internet protocol (IP) is the “protocol of choice” for many companies today. The victory is so complete that companies are adding TCP/IP where it makes no sense, such as within stand-alone groups of PCs and servers. Much of the entire “open systems” movement has been from the TCP/IP community, despite the fact that neither UNIX nor TCP/IP was an important part of corporate networks. Novell had to create intraNetWare, primarily for the sake of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), but also because “The web” is what people see and demand to reach. Reaching the web, or more technically, sending HyperText Markup Language (HTML) files over HTTP, requires a web browser. All web browsers assume they are running on a TCP/IP protocol stack.