chapter  21

Migrating to intraNetWare 4.x and Novell Directory Services

WithEric Stral

IntraNetWare 4.x is the most powerful release in the Novell NetWare family of network operating systems. It incorporates the power and reliability of its market-dominating predecessors, while incorporating advancements and features that make upgrading to NetWare 4 logical for both small offices and large networking environments. The Novell Directory Services (NDS) system is a relational database that is distributed across the entire network. NetWare Directory Services, NDS, provides a single point of administration for the entire network. Although multiple administrators may make concurrent changes or deal with individual portions or aspects of the information, they are all accessing the same data. NetWare server memory pools are managed more efficiently, maximizing the server’s use of available memory. Memory, when requested from allocation pools, is returned to the same pool; this minimizes fragmentation and maximizes efficiency.