chapter  25

Fax Servers

WithMax Schroeder

This chapter provides a basic overview of fax servers and focus on some of the management and administration considerations that should be considered before implementing a fax server solution on industry experts network. Quite simply requires manual intervention by an administrator who scans cover pages to determine who the fax should be routed to. While the technique may seem clumsy, it is still far superior to physical distribution of paper faxes. It is also more secure, since the routing administrator can only view the cover page. In today’s high-pressure business environment, fax servers can also deliver significant value by enabling knowledge workers to get access to faxes when they are out of the office. Thus, in addition to providing internal routing, the fax server should provide some means of remote retrieval or remotely triggered fax forwarding. This can be done through dial-up access, or by using a browser-based agent for situations where the Internet is used for remote access.