chapter  26

Remote Access Concepts

WithGerald L. Bahr

This chapter discusses two different approaches — remote node and remote control — with variations on remote control for accessing data, whether we are temporarily mobile or hardly ever seen in the office, building on the resources of Microsoft’s Windows NT 4.0. The remote node approach lets the remote client act just like another computer on the network. All files that are accessed by the remote client are transferred across the line. Software is loaded on a dedicated “server” computer running Windows NT. This software supports someone calling in and taking control of that computer. Literally, anything that can be done from the local keyboard can be done from the remote client. This method requires a dedicated computer for each simultaneous caller. The ISP will need to make minor upgrades to their sites. Microsoft has also promised to make the specifications available to anyone. At this writing they are supposed to have submitted it to the Internet Task Force.