chapter  28

Print Servers and Network Printing

WithAllen Waugerman, Don Wright, Richard Russell, Randy Sparks, Mike Sublette, Jeff Watrous, Vic Mollett

The printing industry has moved to what is called the network print server. The term refers to two similar but different network devices: internal and external network adapters. The internal adapter is designed to be installed under the covers of a specific family of printer and allows the flexibility of placing a printer on any node of the network. The auto sensing makes installation and moving print servers to different places in the network a breeze. Token Ring networks in today’s setups are running either 4 Mb or 16 Mb. Connection types could be an unshielded twisted pair RJ45 connector or a shielded twisted pair DB9 connector. Print Server NDS Configuration like the bindery configuration above, there are multiple methods for the adapters to be NDS configured. Minimally, the adapter needs the print server name, the NDS tree name, and the context that the print server objects resides in to minimize search time.