chapter  29

Communication Servers

WithDenise M. Jones

This chapter provides an overview of the latest technologies communication servers are utilizing to satisfy this demand for enterprise-wide connectivity and provide guidelines for matching the most cost-effective access method with each dial-up scenario. Telecommuters are at-home employees who generally connect to the network from the same location each session. Their most significant problems are updating work documents and sharing those documents with others, accessing email, and producing correspondence and presentations. They can often work without the network, but make occasional connections to access network files and resources. Telecommuters also need access to printers, fax machines, and email systems. Traveling sales people need many of the telecommuters’ capabilities, including access to email and network files, but instead of always connecting from the same location, they often move around from hotels to airports to regional offices. Roving executives want to stay in touch with their organizations and be informed about ongoing project status and general operations.