chapter  30

CD-ROM Servers

WithRobert Brainard

This chapter discusses the various types of CD-ROM servers that are available, and the items that network managers will need to consider when planning their deployment. The intent is to guide they through the myriad considerations involved in obtaining a CD server that is best suited for their environment and needs. CD-ROM software and applications that exist under the same controls already set up on the network allow for easy management of software, support, and issuing of upgrades. When CD-ROMs are not networked, network administrators are faced with updating each workstation with the same information or software in various places throughout a company. The job of tracking down those disks and issuing updates can be very time consuming. For smaller organizations, the CD server can be as simple as a Windows 95 computer that has a CD-ROM drive, and where that CD-ROM drive device is made sharable by other users on the network.