chapter  31

Choosing and Equipping an Internet Server

WithNathan J. Muller

A server should provide ease-of-use and security and support such basic applications as email and newsgroups. This chapter describes how to choose an Internet server and application software that best fit the needs of different users and organizations. Browser software such as Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer make it easy for users to find information published on web servers, which can be configured for public or private access. When configured for private access, companies can create Virtual Private Network or “intranets” to facilitate information exchange among employees, customers, suppliers, and strategic partners. Of all the services that can be accessed over the Internet, the web holds the greatest promise for electronic commerce. A high-performance server is a virtual requirement for any company that is serious about establishing a presence on the Internet. There are basically two choices of processor architectures: Reduced Instruction Set Computing-based or complex instruction set computing-based.