chapter  3

Moving into the Information Age: A Small Business Case Study

WithTom Simon

This chapter is a case study of how one small real estate property management business wages its campaign for a competitive edge in the information age. One of the keys to providing great service in business is having instant access to information about clients and their assets in order to communicate with them knowledgeably. To do this, everyone in the organization has to have access to the database. A “peer-to-peer” system was less expensive because the server could also be used as a workstation. Most peer-to-peer networks are designed for people who have little experience with network software, and the purchase price of most peer-to-peer software was less than the price of Novell. The property management application software had to be a multi-user program, have a good database search capability, and, like the network program, be backed by a company with a good track record.