chapter  38

Network Data and Storage Management Techniques

WithLawrence D. Rogers

Protecting and managing its storage is one of the most important tasks of the Local Area Network administrator. To protect the data and manage storage requires a combination of hardware protection, operating systems services, and software tools. This chapter discusses tools and techniques used for maintaining file histories and for managing the location of files in the storage system and briefly touches on related disaster recovery techniques. A full backup made on a regular basis allows a network administrator to recover versions of all files from the system. The available versions of any given file are determined by the interval between backups. Periodic full backups have the advantage of containing all the systems data on one backup medium, or at least a minimal number of media. To restore a full volume requires two steps, first restoring from the last full backup tape and then applying each incremental backup. Generally a full backup is done each weekend and incrementals each weekday.