chapter  4

The Case for Mainframe Servers in the Enterprise

WithBrian Jeffery

An upgraded mainframe system equipped with new database and application capabilities can function as an enterprise server. This chapter explains techniques and proven solutions for making the transition from conventional mainframe computing to an enterprise server-based IS strategy. Mainframe-based computing retains its embedded strengths of economy of scale, robustness, and business-critical computing. New development tools deliver high-quality, flexible applications in a fraction of the time previously required. In most cases, legacy data, applications, and skills carry over to the new IS environment. In a large diversified company, it may make sense to decentralize IS resources within the organization and subdivide responsibilities among business units and divisions. Leadership companies employ information technology to learn precisely who their customers are and how they behave, when and why their buying patterns change, and when and why they buy from competitors. This knowledge is used to acquire more customers, sell them more products and services, and retain their loyalty over time.