chapter  5

Server Issues and Trends, 1999

WithHoward Marks

While some of the trends identified are just the PC server manifestations of broader trends that also effect the mid-range, UNIX, and mainframe arenas, this chapter looks at how these trends affect the Intel processor server market. In addition to the general trend in the PC industry for the first-tier vendors (Compaq, IBM, HP, and Dell) to get bigger at the expense of second-tier vendors like AST and NEC, 12 trends in the server market for the near future are identified. They are: 8-way Intel multiprocessor systems, new processors including Deschutes, 64-Bit processors including IA-64 Merced, OS trends and updates, web management, I20, hot pluggable PCI, clustering, thin client support, and storage area networks and fiber channel drive arrays. NetWare 5.0, formerly code named Moab, at long last supports TCP/IP without resorting to the inefficient and inelegant technique of embedding IPX packets within IP packets as Novell’s older NetWare IP did.