chapter  6

Specifying Servers Based on Needs and Growth

WithHoward Marks

This chapter addresses the features that are currently being promoted by server vendors and how each is suited to different types of servers. It helps the reader to get a good start on specifications for own servers. In-depth analysis of the server’s actual processing frequently reveals that the processor is idle 80% of the time. Getting a faster processor may not actually give users a sense of improvement of their lot in life. It may be better to spend some of that processor money on more memory (RAM) or a faster disk subsystem. Database, messaging, and other application servers, on the other hand, do a lot more processing work. More processor power in these systems will have a significant impact on true performance. For most servers, regardless of role, adding additional memory will have a bigger effect on performance than any other change. NetWare servers cache large portions of their disk directories.