chapter  7

Consolidated Server Overview

WithJohn Lillywhite

The constant demand for more information or communications capabilities has placed a great demand upon IS management and network administrators. Squeezed from the field to provide more data faster, and from corporate finance to cut costs, IS management and network administration have been forced to implement less than ideal short-term solutions at the expense of higher hidden costs, increased network complexity, and reduced flexibility. Most consolidated server technologies utilize modular components to simplify administration and provide expansion capabilities beyond that which is possible using traditional desktop PCs or higher-end symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) servers. In most cases, consolidated servers provide solutions to systems-level requirements at a substantially lower cost. In many cases, network administrators are able to migrate to consolidated servers and completely bypass SMP server technology. Consolidated servers, using standard desktop PC technology, enable network administrators to port their existing applications and maintain their investment in software and administration tools.