chapter  3
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Conducting a Waste Inventory

Procedures and Considerations
WithGary F. Lindgren

Perhaps the most logical place to begin compliance with federal and state HWM requirements is with preparation of an inventory of waste generated from the facility. In this manner, there can be no question as to how many different waste streams there are, and where they come from. The term “waste stream” is used to describe waste materials generated from a known point of origin. Common waste streams include spent solvents from vapor degreasers, wastewater treatment sludges from electroplating operations, and paint booth sludges from water wall paint booths. Once each waste stream is identified, determining whether each waste is hazardous can then be conducted in a straightforward and comprehensive manner. Quantifying the total amount of hazardous waste generated per month and evaluating how each waste is (or should be) managed allows the determination of which HWM requirements apply to the firm.