chapter  28
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cDNA Library Construction

Packaging Extract) and a combination of Stratagene Uni-Zap-cDNA Synthesis Kit and Epicentre Technologies MaxPlax'" Packaging Extract. MaxPlax"' Packaging Extract is a convenient, economical, and simple-to-use reagent to perform in vitro lambda packaging reactions. MaxPlax Packaging Extract is supplied as predispensed single-tube reactions that have been optimized for high-efficiency packaging of methylated and unmethylated DNA. The packaging extract routinely yields packaging efficiencies of l to 3 x 109 pfu/flg of control DNA. The extract can be used in the construction of representative eDNA libraries, genomic cloning of highly modified (methylated) DNA into -phase or cosmid vectors, and in the rescue of -shuttle vectors from transgenic animal systems. The technical bulletins for the use of these kits are available through Stratagene Cloning Systems (LaJolla, CA) and Epicentre Technologies (Madison, WI). With regard to screening of transcribed eDNA, immunoscreening is often employed.