chapter  9
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Future Prospects

WithGeorge O. Poinar

Success will largely depend on a correct analysis of the environment and determining, on the basis of laboratory studies, just what effect that environment will have on the parasite. Of course, it is impossible to take into consideration all chemical, physical, and biological factors that might adversely affect a nematode parasite since we still do not know what these factors comprise, and therefore luck and imagination are still important aspects in any program. The process of obtaining official approval for the mass release of nematodes in the environment is as important a factor as developing a method of mass rearing the parasite. If the parasite gives a high degree of pest control and can be economically reared, then a commercial company may be interested in marketing the product. Any entomogenous nematode that kills or sterilizes one or more pest insects and can be easily grown in the laboratory has potential as a biological control agent.