chapter  4
31 Pages

Acoustics of Enclosures

WithMalcolm J. Crocker, A. John Price

This chapter describes the mechanisms for the growth and decay of sound in rooms, and examines the nature of the steady-state sound field. It discusses the concept of reverberation and aims to develop equations for the reverberation time of a room. Understanding the behavior of sound in large enclosures is fundamental to the acoustical design of such spaces. An alternative approach, wave acoustics, is based on a study of the natural modes of oscillation of the room. Any continuous sound source emitting acoustic power into an enclosure will produce two types of acoustic fields at any given position within the enclosure. All of the analysis presented so far in the chapter has been based on the concept that sound waves can exist as energy packets that travel through the room and contribute to the reverberant sound field in a particular statistical manner.