chapter  1
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WithOleg V. Krylov, Boris R. Shub

Any chemical reaction always leads to disturbance of the equilibrium energy distribution function. A knowledge of elementary stages of energy exchange mechanism on the surface is necessary to solve the questions connected with nonequilibrium processes in the gas phase and to create coverages with given characteristics with respect to the energy exchange with the gas phase. In catalysis, especially in selective catalysis, the energy localization in one of the bonds of the reacting molecule is required to cause its break. Thus, the ideas of the resonance between one or another energy level of a catalyst and a reacting molecule were put forward by many authors in their theories of catalysis. The similarity between some characteristic features of the catalysis and the chain reactions theory was pointed out in some works. In particular, it was shown that the stages of chain initiation, growth, and termination could be distinguished in some catalytic reactions.