chapter  4
46 Pages

Interaction of Molecular Beams with Surface

WithOleg V. Krylov, Boris R. Shub

This chapter presents a set of examples of dependence of the sticking coefficient on the molecular energy in the beam. Energy exchange between beam molecules and solid surfaces is studied by spectral methods in which different energy states of reflected species are detected. Elastic scattering of molecular beams enables us to study directly the energy exchange mechanisms with the surface. Exchange of translational, rotational, and vibrational energy with the surface can be registered in the process. Scattering of monoenergetic inert atom beams with a definite translational temperature and directed at a hot surface is the simplest example of translational energy change. Due to a large amount of molecular degrees of freedom, new possibilities appear with the use of molecular beams. A series of studies on the excitation of the noncatalytic monomolecular reactions induced by molecular interaction with a hot surface have been carried out by Rabinovich et al.