chapter  7
18 Pages

Chemoenergetic Stimulation

WithOleg V. Krylov, Boris R. Shub

This chapter analyzes some of the simplest kinetic models for nonthermal stimulation of chemical reactions and found conditions at which the efficiency of stimulation is sufficiently high. By chemoenergetic stimulation (CES) is meant the stimulation of one chemical reaction by products of another one via nonthermal use of their over equilibrium energy. The main features of this effect are the nonthermal origin of stimulation and the chemical source of nonequilibrium stimulation. CES efficiency depends weakly on whether the kind of stimulating action is pulse or stationary. In heterogeneous catalysis τ2 is extremely long; therefore, the chemoenergetic stimulation effect is of widespread occurrence. It is this reason why the kinetics of heterogeneous catalysis is similar to that in chain reactions. One of the characteristic properties of chain reactions is the possibility of partial utilization of the energy released in the process to accelerate the reaction.