chapter  9
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Development of a Soil Washing System

Developing an economical method to remediate soils requires a process development effort comparable to engineering developments in other fields. For soils contaminated with hazardous or toxic materials, the development of a commercial cleanup process is a stepwise effort which includes:

characterizing the soil developing a conceptual process flowsheet designing and conducting bench-scale verification tests completing a preliminary economic feasibility study designing and constructing a pilot facility conducting the pilot study

This process development approach has been used to engineer a soils washing system for contaminated soil. Following this pathway to developing a system results in several side benefits, including intimate knowledge of the fundamentals of the operation and a valuable set of bench-scale test protocols which can be used to model the performance of the field operation. Since site conditions are expected to vary considerably, system flexibility is mandatory. A good basic understanding of both the physico-chemical processes that are being utilized in the remediation effort and the process equipment that is used to implement this technology is one key element in the design of a flexible system. This paper describes the process of developing a soil washing system.