chapter  84
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Anaerobic and Aerobic Options in Treating Food Industry Wastewater

In an attempt to upgrade the performance of the Portage la Prairie municipal wastewater treatment plant (MWTP) it was proposed to apply anaerobic pretreatment to wastewater from the Industrial Park (IP) which contributed approximately 80% of the overall BOD load and only 20% of the combined flow. Pilot scale treatability studies1 have shown that the IP wastewater is amenable to anaerobic treatment in an upflow hybrid reactor packed with random media. The two main IP residents are a potato processor (french fries) and a pea processing plant. Only the potato processing manufacturer pretreats its effluent by screening and sedimentation. Both streams are discharged to a common wet well from which the waste is pumped to the municipal trunk sewer. Concerns were raised as to the compatibility of the aerobic activated sludge treatment units and the effluent from the anaerobic pretreatment.