chapter  10
Basic Principles of Fume Hood Design and Operation
WithE. Robinson Hoyle, R. Scott Stricoff
Pages 8

This chapter explores two major elements in regard to fume hood design and operation. The first element is to review the complete fume hood system from the hood to the exhaust stack from a design prospective. The second element will review the administrative controls which are necessary to provide proper operation of the hood. The design issues associated with the hoods include introduction of make-up air; design of the air foil; the shape, size, and introduction of ductwork to the cabinet; the location and placement of air cleaning equipment; exhaust stacks; and fan location. A well-designed hood can provide inadequate protection if administrative controls are not in place. Administrative programs for hood monitoring and evaluation include daily visual inspections, quarterly inspections, user training, and routine maintenance. Additional design criteria for laboratory hoods include: the air cleaning equipment, monitoring systems for filter loading, fan sizing, and duct pressures with respect to working areas.