chapter  16
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Planning a Cutover to a New Voice System

WithThomas Osha

This chapter provides managers with the insight and methodology necessary to plan and execute the cutover to a new voice communications system in a smooth and seamless manner without causing communications interruption or confusion in their organization. It focuses on large scale voice systems, the planning elements and implementation checklist can be modified and applied to many types of communications installations. The job of implementing and administering a private branch exchanges (PBX) voice communications system is challenging and wide ranging. When all technicians and the system administrator are satisfied that each segment of the new voice system is operating correctly and as designed, the local telephone central office releases the trunks and managers' new PBX is officially in service. In many cities user groups have been established where system administrators can share information and ideas with each other, learn about enhancements and upgrades to their systems, and develop their network communications management skills.