chapter  17
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Dealing with Telephone Toll Fraud

WithEd Simonson, Jeff Dixon

In the post-World War II eras, there was an explosive growth in the demand for telephones and long-distance communications services. Divestiture increased responsibility of network managers, making them accountable to their end users for growth and security. Any local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) or private branch exchange (PBX) system or network with its remote access or maintenance port and UNIX or C-based operating software is a prime target for manipulation and sabotage. Wireless communication carries a special striking and unique niche in the domain of telephone fraud. All variations of wireless communication, by nature, are exposed through the airways. Wireless communications is a valuable business asset, and this segment of the industry market continues to grow. Most reactive methods involve notifying the communications management team or the executive management team when a breech has occurred. The warning can come from internal reviews of call detail reporting (CDR) records or externally, from the carrier.