chapter  24
9 Pages

Writing an Effective Request for Proposals

WithDouglas R. Ballou

This chapter explores the importance of the telecommunications request for proposals (RFP) in a large business environment. It examines the reasons for creating an RFP. The chapter discusses the size of the RFP, writing the RFP, RFP content, RFP distribution, and response expectations. It addresses standards for installation, wiring standards, requirements for engineering, patching and painting, fire stopping, disaster management, training and documentation requirements, security, safety, and project management. Once the RFP is ready for distribution, a distribution list is created. This list will consist of the strongest vendors that are qualified to provide and implement the required product and software configuration. The measure of success for the RFP process is the number of responses received, the quality of the companies that respond, the quality of the responses, and of course a successful cutover. Much will also depend on the relationship that the user has with the respective vendors.