chapter  27
15 Pages

Managing Data on the Network: Data Warehousing

WithRichard A. Bellaver

This chapter deals with the storage, identification, and quality of data in the network. New opportunities to develop corporate databases and share data across companies are technologically feasible, and many companies are starting to evolve data processing systems to take advantage of networking and other new technologies under the name of data warehousing. Data can be a most valuable asset to a business, and technology can allow access to that data faster than ever; however, there must be a logical approach to the establishment of data quality procedures before the benefits of warehousing can be attained. The chapter describes a practical architectural evolution that can lead to quality-based data processing (DP) and that includes both definitions while emphasizing the data aspects of quality. The surround approach can be implemented with minimum complications to present mainframe processing or database software. Networking will provide the advantages of the best properties of mainframes, minicomputers, and personal computers (PCs).