chapter  28
11 Pages

The Art and Science of Project Management

WithAntoinette Z. Hubbard

This chapter discusses the art of project management and the science of project management. The art encompasses the skills, relationships, organizational understandings, and leadership insights, which have proved themselves to be useful resources in the design of projects. The science encompasses the tools, planning capabilities, technical understandings, and managerial attributes that complement and reinforce the art. Project management is the application of traditional management processes toward the successful achievement of the stated project objective. The traditional tasks of management are usually seen as: Planning, Organizing, Implementing, Controlling, and Coordinating. All projects take place in real time with real people in real settings. To successfully plan, implement, and work with projects, a project manager must expand definitions and awareness beyond a simple solution. The chapter provides checklists and tables that present key words and steps in a project. The project manager will need to begin to collect the materials, documents, and templates that specifically assist in the actual execution of a project.