chapter  29
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Educating Aspiring Network Managers

WithJohn M. Lusa

The breakup of AT&T in 1984 was just one of the reasons at that point in time that created a big demand for professionals with telecommunications and networking experience. Principal among the other reasons was the growing use of computer networks. Much of the traffic generated by computers was running over the same infrastructure as the voice traffic. Visionary academics at the University of Colorado in 1971 saw an early educational need in the telecommunications industry beyond just electrical engineering. So, with the help of a number of industry executives and advisors, the first interdisciplinary master degree telecommunications program was established. Many university programs aggressively include interdisciplinary aspects of technology management into their telecommunications curricula. With the fast growing use of telecommunications and the resultant growth of the industry itself, universities will continue to play a key and growing role in providing the entry-level technical and management professionals skilled in telecommunications technology.