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Stress and Buckling of Cold-Formed Zed-Purlins Partially Restrained by Steel Sheeting

WithZhi-ming Ye, R. Kettle, L.Y. Li, B. Schafer

This paper presents an analysis model for cold-formed purlin-sheeting systems subjected to wind uplift loading in which the restraint of the sheeting to the purlin is taken into account by using two springs representing the translational and rotational restraints provided by the sheeting. The set of equations is solved by means of trigonometric series and finite strip methods in which the pre-buckling stress is calculated based on the same model used for the buckling analysis rather than taken as the “pure bending” stress. The influence of spring stiffness and fixing position of the purlin and sheeting on the stresses resulted in the cross-section of the purlin is discussed in details.