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Nano and Micro Mechanics and Thin-Walled Structures

WithKen P. Chong, P. Balaguru

Mechanics and materials are essential elements in all of the transcendent technologies including nanotechnology, microelectronics, information technology and biotechnology. These technologies are the primary drivers of the twenty first century and the new economy. Mechanics also provides enabling technology and support for civil infrastructure systems design and development of new materials. A very good analogy exists between large-scale thin walled structures and much smaller micro and nano scale structures. It is possible that the extensive knowledge base available for large-scale structures can be effectively used to analyze, design and fabricate nano and micro scale components. Research opportunities, education and challenges in mechanics and materials, including thin-walled structures, nanomechanics, carbon nano-tubes, bio-inspired materials, coatings, room temperature ceramics, fire-resistant materials as well as improved engineering and design of materials are presented and discussed in this paper.