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Experimental Study on Hysteretic Behavior of Inverted L-Shaped Steel Bridge Piers Filled With Concrete

WithT. Hirota, T. Sakimoto, T. Yamao, H. Watanabe

This paper presents experimental results that explain a part of hysteretic behavior of an inverted L-shaped steel bridge pier filled with concrete under out-of-plane cyclic loading. Six test specimens with varied concrete filling ratio and constant eccentricity ratio of 0.4 were used. The cross-section of specimens are square box. Three specimens are stiffened and the other three are not stiffened. The vertical load corresponding to dead load is designed to become approximately 95 percent of the allowable stress. The out-of-plane force is set to generate displacements that are multiple of the yield displacement. It is applied repeatedly under constant dead load until the structure collapse.