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Postbuckling Behaviour and Interaction of Different Modes in Thin-Walled Members

WithJ. Rhodes

In this paper an attempt is made to give a very brief introduction to the elastic postbuckling behaviour of thin plates and thin-walled structural members. The behaviour of thin elastic plates at local buckling and far beyond the buckling load is briefly described and the changes in behaviour far beyond the buckling load are discussed. Some of the main early theories which remain pertinent to modern design analysis are outlined and compared. The local buckling and postbuckling behaviour of structural sections made up of thin plates is examined and changes in the interaction between plate elements are considered using simple analyses. The interaction between buckling modes of different wavelengths, e.g local and Euler buckling, local and torsional-flexural, local and distortional buckling is briefly discussed, and a general finite strip - type approach to the analysis of members subject to such effects is outlined and discussed, with typical results of this approach shown for illustration.