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Stability of Elastic-Plastic Sandwich Conical Shells with Unsymmetrical Faces Under Two Parametric Loads

WithJerzy Zielnica, Edward Tertel

The paper deals with the analysis of elastic-plastic stability of sandwich conical shells with unsymmetrical faces under two parametric external load. The considered shells consist of two load carrying faces made of isotropic, compressible, work-hardening materials and they are of different thickness and material properties. External load is assumed to be two-parametrical and it is possible that the shells deform into the plastic range before buckling. Constitutive relations taken in the analysis are those of the Nadai-Hencky deformation theory with the H-M-H (Huber-Mises-Hencky) yield condition. The governing stability equations are obtained by strain energy approach and Ritz method is used to solve the equations by the help of analytical-numerical methods.