chapter  X
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Strengthening the social technology formation

BySurendra J. Patel

We have already underlined in Chapter VIII the strategic role of social technology in technological transformation of countries. Unfortunately, the data base for this sector is much weaker than for capital formation. The United Nations have actively assisted in standardising data on capital formation. An important by-product of this effort has been the availability of fairly comparable data on a long-term basis for most countries in the world. Similar data, however, are not available for items to be included under the generic title of social technology. As stressed above, our knowledge of the precise manner in which social technology influences the process of transformation is still too limited to draw definitive conclusions in terms of cause and effect. Till then, alas, we will have to limit ourselves to a relatively modest objective: to use whatever data are available for illustrating mainly the overall trends. These trends could have simultaneously helped attain twin objectives – accelerating the transformation process itself and satisfying the basic needs of all peoples of the South, individually and collectively, to lead longer and healthier lives and to be better trained to improve their well-being.