chapter  2
30 Pages

Public enterprise and local entrepreneurship in Europe and beyond

WithJohn Fenwick, Lorraine Johnston

This chapter presents a systematic review of the evolution of public enterprise literature in an attempt to trace the historical evolution and popularity of the concept over time. It considers how theories of public enterprise and the terminology associated with the term have progressed to present-day policy debates. The chapter illustrates the national and international government examples towards advancing a fresh methodology to solve the problematic nature of enterprising local places. Progress in public enterprise has pursued building innovation and technological knowledge towards advancing local entrepreneurship. The increase in focus on public enterprise has become synonymous with the expansion of economic growth and local entrepreneurship for the expansion of public administration services. The surge in attention towards public enterprise illustrates the influence and need to motivate local entrepreneurship in local place. The public enterprise concept demonstrates the popularity that surrounds the concept in political science and public policy ideology.