chapter  Chapter 5
Enabling feedback through assessment design
WithNaomi Winstone, David Carless
Pages 19

How assessment is organised and implemented is a key factor influencing the efficacy of feedback processes. This chapter discusses the importance of incorporating thinking around student engagement with feedback into the assessment design process. Emphasis is placed on the sequencing and alignment of different assessment tasks to facilitate transfer of feedback from one task to the next. The chapter also discusses the benefits of pre-task guidance as a form of feedback, involving student engagement with rubrics, exemplars and criteria prior to completing an assessment task. Two key examples from the literature are used to illustrate the potential for designs where students have opportunities to revise and resubmit work to facilitate student uptake of feedback. A feedback design case collated through data collection in Hong Kong illustrates how authentic assessment tasks and an innovative approach to the conundrum of how to provide feedback on exams can empower students to learn through feedback.