chapter  Chapter 3
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Surface Chemistry of Solids

WithK. S. Birdi

The Earth is surrounded by air, and it actively interacts with the surface of Earth. Solid surfaces exhibit some specific characteristics that are of much different properties than the liquid surfaces. In all processes where solids are involved, the primary process is dependent on the surface property of the solid. In some distinct ways the solid surfaces are found to be different than the liquid surfaces. The process of corrosion initiates at metal surfaces, thus requiring treatments that are based upon surface properties. Experiments show that the characteristics of solid surfaces are dependent on the nature of the surface structures. In all surface phenomena where solid surfaces are involved, the characteristics of the solid surface are of importance. Most of the information and physical laws of surfaces have been obtained by the studies of liquid—gas or liquid—liquid interfaces. The relationship as given by Young’s equation describes the equilibrium between the different surface forces at the three-phase boundary line.