chapter  1
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Museum borders and disciplinary boundaries
ByJ. Pedro Lorente

The concept of 'cultural landscapes', one of the latest curatorial trends, provides an integral and integrated perspective on heritage beyond the traditional distinction between collections in situ and ex situ. Eye-catching signs marking art contexts both inside and outside galleries thus play a major part. It is already a museological commonplace to consider the interior of museums somehow as a continuation of public space, as their galleries are arranged in thoroughfares, side streets and roundabouts and garnished with such urban fittings as railings, streetlamps, benches, banners, flags, plants, monuments or artistic ornaments. A more introverted attitude seems to be identified with the temples of the arts, which is a cliche that ought to be revised because, to be fair, the outward proselytizing endeavours of art museums should be recognized. The chapter also presents an overview of key concepts discussed in this book.