chapter  4
The ego, the persona and the self
The conflict
WithHelena Bassil-Morozow
Pages 15

The individuation process with its archetypes is linked to the personality dynamic. Jungians and post-Jungians have always emphasized the artificial nature of boundaries between people. The collective unconscious means that there is a common psychological ground that unites human beings. Despite the ego, which defines storyteller’s individuality, and the personal unconscious, which contains storyteller’s unique psychological issues, deep down we are still connected with other people. The persona has an indispensable socio-psychological function – that of adaptation to external circumstances. The conflict between the inner world and the outer reality cloaked by persona is a staple subject of various popular narratives: novels, films and television series. In fact, the out-of-control persona makes for a good story which usually involves characters who dream of grandeur and fame. The finale of Great Expectations emphasizes the importance of self-reflection coupled with a realistic approach to life.