chapter  3
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Capitalising on play

The corporatisation of sport/physical education spaces
WithGeoffery Z. Kohe, Holly Collison

Building upon the theoretical basis provided in Chapter 2, this chapter examines historical and contemporary trends toward corporate relationships, allegiances and initiatives within the broad domains of physical education and sport education/development. The chapter considers some of the reasons why these spaces have become valued sites of free-market activity and the varied consequences that have and can arise from its commercialisation. Augmenting scholarship that has reiterated concerns over (physical) education and sports’ increased corporate dalliances, the chapter argues that while corporate partnerships in/with education might be acceptable, issues over the content, quality and sustainability, and the power relations they encapsulate are concerning. The chapter also foregrounds the need to further interdisciplinary scholarly debate and, in harmony with the book’s theoretical underpinnings, considers possibilities for responses that might advance social justice; ethical responsibility; and issues of agency, autonomy and knowledge ownership. The chapter ends by arguing the necessity of investigating the global, regional and local levels upon which these agendas and issues take place.