chapter  4
21 Pages

The Sport-Education-Corporate nexus

Global cases
WithGeoffery Z. Kohe, Holly Collison

While respecting a degree of fluidity and ambiguity across international, national and domestic corporate initiatives, Chapter 4 focusses on some of the large-scale and broad agendas of organisations working at and across the global level. The chapter examines the ways in which recognisable corporate entities have not only been effective in utilising sport and physical activity as part of enhancing their brand image and social responsibility but have also sought out school sport, and explicitly physical education, as spaces in which to play games and ply their trade. The establishment of corporate relationship within sport/physical activity-orientated education has not, necessarily, been exclusively driven by these global companies alone. Rather, corporate activities and intervention has been joined, and frequently encouraged, by other stakeholders in the public, private and charitable sectors. Alliances between and across these organisations have led to discernible and genuinely advantageous outcomes. Yet, when examined in the context of education, these relationships are symptomatic of a recrafting of the discipline and a complicated stakeholder layering that does not always benefit communities it seeks to represent.