chapter  5
18 Pages

The Sport-Education-Corporate nexus

Regional cases
WithGeoffery Z. Kohe, Holly Collison

Chapter 5 considers the ways in which Sport-Education-Corporate relationships (such as those considered in Chapter 4) are mapped onto regional contexts and concomitantly contoured by the related temporal, spatial and geopolitical forces and agendas. While global corporate entities may deign to use sport and/or physical activity/educational initiatives to aid their influence and commercial success in specific international settings, the political, education and economic idiosyncrasies of regional contexts, may influence the effectiveness of Sport-Education-Corporate alliances. The chapter also articulates and evaluates the ways in which specific regional educational locales have provided fertile commercial space in which corporations have been able to advance their own commercial work. Such examples, which foreground some of the wider economic and political constraints impacting upon these regions, also highlight the difficulties educational providers and establishments have in negotiating commercial intervention and curriculum contouring guised as ‘development’.